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For parents who want to support their child's development by helping them be calmer and stronger in their body,  and be more attentive so that they can develop communication, play, and self-care skills, working with me will help you be more joyful and intentional in your everyday routines. With my focus on coaching in the natural environment, you will feel empowered and confident in meeting your family's goals within your own home. 

Joint attention and self-regulation

Have you ever heard of the term "joint attention" before? It is when your child can focus on their parent/caregiver, an object, or a situation. This creates a shared experience, and it is these shared experiences that create the foundation of learning skills such as language and fine motor coordination! Therefore, joint attention is very important and every Early Intervention Specialist approaches it from their own unique perspective based on their expertise and practice style. As an occupational therapist, I will strive to help your child meet their sensory needs and "feel calm in their body" in order to increase their joint attention and be neurologically ready to learn! Here are some ways I can help: 

Fine and Visual Motor Development

Occupational therapists focus on enhancing occupational engagement. What are the occupations or activities in which a young child engages? Play, sensory exploration, self-care, academic participation and fine and visual motor tasks such as drawing and writing to name a few. Fine and visual motor skills are also needed to participate in other occupations such as fastening buttons for donning a shirt in self-care, scooping food with a utensil during self-feeding, or opening and closing containers and transferring objects during water play. As an occupational therapist, I will help ensure your loved one is able to participate in childhood occupations by: 


One daily routine that I see parents most stressed out about is self-feeding! This can be due to sensory processing concerns causing kiddos to have difficulty in even sitting to eat and difficulty in interacting with/touching their food,  due to relying on screen time during meals, and due to not having fine motor skills to manipulate utensils. Here are some things we might discuss. considering your own family's unique goals, habits, cultural norms, and mealtime environment: 


In addition to self-feeding, other childhood self-care occupations include dressing, bathing, grooming, potty training, and sleep. I can help you increase your child's confidence and participation/independence in these tasks by: 

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